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The Real Specialty Coffees


Because  life  is  too  short  

to  drink  bad  coffees... 


You don't need complicated and expensive tools to create a great cup of coffee. I just need an electric coffee grinder (made in China, not more than USD 90) and use the simplest way of coffee brewing named pour over method (Indonesian named it KOPI TUBRUK) to make coffees above. The best coffee will tell about itself without any bombastic explanation.





They look so fantastic and similar to each other...

When I decided to fall deeply in world of coffee, the simple thing I thought about was why cannot we make a cup of coffee as great as wine? It was so challenging for me. So I spent more than 7 years to find consistent procedures to produce really great coffees. If you are a wine lover, you will be easily able to enjoy my coffees. 








A tester sized for a cup of coffee is just enough for you to experience the goodness of coffee produced with passion


Green coffee beans also available


Ready for delivery to your hotel, apartment, home, and office in Jakarta area without minimum quantity



This website is still under construction. 

For more information please send email to destinedcoffee@gmail.com

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